Replay Soccer Ball Trainers


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Sale price $49.00
Regular price $59.00
  • Designed for 4G Astroturf training
  • Official FIFA size and weight ball
  • Outer coating gives ideal grip and spin on 4G
  • Soft feel outer
  • Soccer ball returner

A simple yet brilliant training ball system that takes all of the frustration out of training drills, the Replay Training Ball keeps you shooting and passing without collecting the ball each time, it simply returns right back to your feet. The perfect soccer ball returner

This lets you focus on improving your technique, and maximizes your time training, instead of wasting time collecting in the balls. You can easily practice passing, shooting, crossing and penalty kicks, with an adjustable cord length for short and long distance drills. The Replay ball is the soccer ball that comes back to you

Made with quality materials and perfect for home or training ground use.