Foldable Soccer Goals


      Folding Soccer Goal Posts

      Quickplay carries foldaway goals in sizes from mini to 12x6 feet. They are aluminum and uPVC construction, and are perfect for situations in which you need to quickly bring out a large goal, and quickly puts it away again when you're done.

      Q-Fold Range

      The Q-fold range is great for training or home play, and folds away flatter than any other goal on the market. If you want a set of goals but don't want to give up much space in your shed or garage, these are an excellent solution.

      Match Fold Range

      These are our premium fold-away range. They require two people to carry, but are easy and quick to set up or to put away, and their solid construction means that they can take whatever your league players can throw at it. The poles are pre-attached, so there is no guessing or mistakes when assembling, and pieces don't get lost or mixed up with other goal sets.