Speed and Agility Soccer Equipment


      Indoor Soccer Equipment

      The best drills for any type of soccer are those that build up speed and control in a balanced, mutually-supportive way. Physical and mental agility are necessary to play well and to prevent the simple booting back and forth of a ball, as is seen in some children's and beginners' games. Learning to control the ball through obstacles, and often under pressure, is essential to developing the balance required to get the most out of the game. Developing hip and let muscles, and a strong core, is essential to gaining that control.

      The best players can respond almost instantly to changes in the field, ball reaction, or the opponent's positioning, moving the ball side to side, forward, back, up down, and even utilizing spin to bend the ball around corners, on the ground or in the air. They learned these skills on the practice field, moving around pylons and Slalom poles, along lines and through agility ladders – even using Kbands to condition the muscles for quick explosions of power. The better they are in practice, and the more they train their minds and bodies to control the ball in such situations, the more accurately and instantly these skills appear in the games themselves.